Blockchain Certified Specialist

This certification validates experience and knowledge  of blockchain technology architecture and the inner workings of blockchains by exploring a series of key design patterns, techniques and related architectural models, along with common technology mechanisms used to customize and optimize blockchain application designs in support of fulfilling business requirements. The exam certification is divided into a series of modular sections.


The following certifications are prerequisites:

Blockchain Certified Associate

BlockchainCertified Professional





Systems Administrator

Support Engineer

Technical Consultant

Technical Administrator


The following topics are validates:

Blockchain Structure
Basic Operations
Smart Contracts
Ethereum Structure
Ethereum Operations
Incentive Model
Common Blockchain Technology Mechanisms and Artifacts
Node Monitor, Automated Node Deployer, Node Placement Monitor
Consensus Processor, Block Maker, Identity Federator
Hashing Engine, Chaining Engine, Identity Verifier, Wallet
Node Repository, Ledger Replicator, Live Node Migrator
Integrity and Validation Blockchain Design Patterns
Block Singleton, Sidechain, Block Validation Consensus
Scalability and Reliability Blockchain Design Patterns
Auto-Scaling Nodes, Guaranteed Minimum Full Nodes
Geo Scaling, Block Size Update
Security and Privacy Blockchain Design Patterns
Forced On-Chain Transactions, Federated Chain
User Data Protection
Utility Blockchain Design Patterns
Transaction Record Tagging

About Exam

Certification Non-proctored Exam.

Exam format is multiple-choice questions, 65 questions.

Exam duration 2 hour.

Passing score 65%.

Two chances.

A single-use voucher is for non-proctored  Certification exam.