Internet of Things Certified Associate

This certification validates experience and knowledge in high-level overview of the essentials  of Internet of Things (IoT) from both business and technical aspects. Fundamental use cases, concepts, models, technologies, architecture and IoT messaging. The exam certification is divided into a series of modular sections.


This certification has no prerequisites





Systems Administrator

Support Engineer

Technical Consultant

Technical Administrator


The following topics are validates:

Connectivity, Data, Processing, Commands and Business Analytics
IoT Business and Technology Drivers, Benefits and Challenges
Miniaturization and Nanotechnology
IoT Connectivity and Contextual Realtime Data
IoT Business Domains (Personal, Home, Enterprise, Utilities, Mobile)
IoT vs. the Internet
Resource-Constrained Devices and Low-Power Wide-Area Networks (LPWANs)
Active and Passive Devices (including RFID)
Telemetry and Command Data
Sensors (Mechanical, Resistive, Optical, Ranging, MEMS)
Microcontrollers, Firmware and Power Sources
IoT Gateways and Common Gateway Functions
Introduction to Edge and Fog Computing
IoT Platforms and Common Platform Functions
IoT Architecture Layers and Action Modeling
Key IoT Architecture Design Considerations
Radio Transports (Leased vs. Unleased, High Band vs. Low Band)
IoT Messaging with REST, HTTP and the Constrained Application Protocol (CoAp)
REST Properties and Constrains with IoT and CoAp
HTTP Resource Identifiers, Media Types and Method with IoT and CoAps
IoT Publish-and-Subscribe and MQ Telemetry Transport (MQTT)
Non-Binary Data Serialization for IoT with JSONs
Why Big Data
Binary Data Serialization for IoT with Protocol Buffers

About Exam

Certification Non-proctored Exam.

Exam format is multiple-choice questions, 42 questions.

Exam duration 1 hour.

Passing score 67%.

Two chances.

A single-use voucher is for non-proctored Certification exam.